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Organic farming vines

Organic vines

by ToscanArt

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History since 2006

Colline di Sopra is an organic winery founded in fall 2006. It is situated on the slopes that overlook and slowly degrade from Montescudaio into the Cecina Valley, in a sunny area at an altitude between 120/200 meters and 10 kilometres far from the sea. We have planted 5 hectares of new vineyards on a virgin plot, selecting the most suitable clones in consideration of the soil and the predominant local winds.

Wine-growing area: 5,2 hectares.
Density per hectar: 6600 plants.
Method: cordon with an armor with a double cage to contain the vegetation.
and presents an exhibition that goes from North East to North West.

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Organically certified grape varieties:
Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Syrah and Moscato Bianco.


All varieties are subjected to an attentive selection during the year and at harvest time in order to reach the best possible quality.

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Our soil consists mainly of clay and it is rich in minerals. It is a medium pasted earth with small pebbles that allow effective drainage. Pliocene marine sediments can be found.

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In our wine cellar, built into the hillside and topped by a large roof, we select carefully only the best grapes for our wine.
The filling of the tanks occurs by dropping from above and the use of pumps is greatly avoided.

The inside of the cellar is divided into three zones: vinification, aging and the storage area . For a perfect processing we control the temperature and the room climate with natural methods, storage is in air-conditioned enviroment.

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A photovoltaic power plant was installed on the south facing roof of the wine cellar to cover a part of our energy consumption. The rainwater collected from the roofs and from the drainage of the vineyards are carried into a water reservoir and are used for the treatments in the vineyard and the cleaning of the agricultural vehicles.


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