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In the heart of the Doc Bolgheri area, a Winery of Excellence

Excellence DOC

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A reality boasting the honor of producing a
"Bolgheri Superior" of 15°

The Wine Road, Bolgheri

The farm Giovanni Chiappini is located in the heart of Doc Bolgheri, on the Bolgherese street, wine road that hosts the largest wine-growing companies in the area.

The story is that of a family tradition never perfected and always renewed, which by the head of the family Giovanni, son of immigrant Marche farmers in Bolgheri in the 1950s, was inherited by the two daughters Martina and Lisa who side by side with the father.
The distinctive sign of the work and growth of Chiappini finds itself in the privileged relationship with the earth.
A motherland interpreted and modified in symbiosis with the peasant work force.
A sodalition still alive and never discounted.

Over time the company has become known and appreciated all over the world thanks in particular to the awards of very important sector magazines such as Wine Enthusiast that in the 2013 has consecrated the company's main wine, Guado de' Gemoli 2009 at First place of the World Ranking with the score of 100/100 .


winery production

The production is about today 60,000 bottles a year divided into two product lines, the line of wines Doc the most representative, numerically speaking and reflecting the tradition of Bolgheri, composed by Le Grottine, Ferruggini, Felciaino e Guado de' Gemoli, and the line Lienà the monovarietals ofMerlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot produced in limited quantities and only in particular vintages.
An experiment John wanted to discover and understand how individual grapes are able to express themselves in the territory.

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their WINES

Le Grottine
Guado de' Gemoli

line of wines Doc
ToscanArt Magazine - linea dei vini Doc Chiappini

Lienà Merlot
Lienà Cabernet Sauvignon
Lienà Cabernet Franc
Lienà Petit Verdot

line Lienà
ToscanArt Magazine - linea dei vini Doc Chiappini

Wine tasting

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